Engagement Dashboard

You’d probably assume that account b is outperforming account a Engagement Dashboard. But say instagram account a has followers and instagram account b has . Followers. That means that of account a’s followers lik their post that’s an excellent engagement rate. Only . Of account b’s followers lik their post. Which means much lower engagement. The more followers that you have on instagram. The more difficult it is to have a high engagement rate. Social experts agree that a good engagement rate is between and . That might not sound like much. But it is! Here are the global average engagement rates for different types of posts on instagram business accounts.

Audience Growth Dashboard

And here are the global average engagement rates per number of followers for business accounts. So engagement rate typically goes down as follower count goes up. That’s why instagram influencers with high engagement are better for influencer marketing partnerships than influencers with more followers but lower engagement. Top ways to improve your instagram engagement.

If your instagram engagement rate is business lead below or if you’re just an overachiever. Here are the best ways to improve. People who view your posts will be more likely to engage with your content if you prompt them. In other words. If you want engagement. Just ask! You can do this in your posts. Reels and stories.

Competitor Overview Dashboard

business lead

This instagram post from rupali’s drag race encourages fans to post about who they think should win the competition. The post itself has a high number of likes and comments. And combin. The brand hashtags have been us millions of times. Link in story everything to know about the met gala with blake lively posing in a dress instagram stories have lots of opportunities for engagement.

Top interactive stickers like the poll quiz Data Base USA question and link options all prompt viewers to engage. This sticker from people magazine’s story goes right to a link to met gala information. Providing easy access to timely info. Question in story piece of who you once were that you want to reclaim. And this story from joanna gaines asks a question.

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