This is How to Overcome Unable to Login Phpmyadmin

Myadmin is a third-party program that is included in a cpanel. The point is to manipulate the mysql database with the help of the internet. You can also use phpmyadmin to add or drop databases, create and modify, delete tables, add, edit and also delete a column. It can also execute sql statements and manage locks and permissions. Before you can use phpmyadmin, you have to log in first. But usually it is also the one who cannot login to phpmyadmin.
How to overcome unable to login phpmyadmin
Can’t login phpmyadmin
As a reminder, phpmyadmin is the part that is used to manage the mysql database on the computer. To solve phpmyadmin can’t login, you can do the following steps:

You can open a terminal

You can press the key combination ctrl + alt + t.
Then enter into the superuser first. And type the command # apt-get install mariadb-server-10.0
Then, type the command # mysql_secure_installation. Later you will be presented so you can create a new password so you can log in.
Open the mozilla application, and type localhost/phpmyadmin . Enter login, if you are successful it will enter the phpmyadmin menu.
Currently there are many devices that have been used to be able to manage databases used in mysql. One of them is phpmyadmin. By using phpmyadmin later you can not only create databases, but create tables, fill in data easily without having to memorize the command line used.

How to overcome unable to enter Bulk SMS Bahrain phpmyadmin due to error
Can’t login phpmyadmin
If you can’t log in to phpmyadmin on debian 9, it usually won’t work right away. In contrast to other types of linux. This is because on debian 9 you have to go through additional setup steps to be able to log into phpmyadmin. Usually you will find an error message like this: “error 1045 (28000) : access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ using password yes” . Next, how to solve it is:

Type the command “mysql -u root -p mysql”, and press enter.
Next, you will enter the mariadb [mysql] command, and type a query like: update user set plugin=” where user=’root’;.
Type the following query flush privileges;
Then type the query “Exit” so you can get out of mysql.

Last step, save. You can try to login to phpmyadmin by just writing your username without using a password.
If the phpmyadmin that you use stores important and credential data, it is recommended to provide a password to login. The method is quite easy by using mysql_secure_installation, press enter and create a new password.

Overcome unable to enter login phpmyadmin

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Can’t login phpmyadmin
Actually phpmyadmin will make it easier for you to create and also manage databases because it already uses a gui so it’s easy to use. On the linux operating system, when accessing phpmyadmin a message will appear: login without a password is forbidden by configuration (see allownopassword). The Database USA message will appear because during installation during a setup process, the password field is left blank. In fact, the phpmyadmin configuration already requires the user to enter a password when logging in to localhost or phpmyadmin. The following is a way to overcome the phpmyadmin unable to login:

Open a terminal and type the command:
Next, the text editor will open a file config.Inc.Php. Later you should look for the line: // $cfg[‘servers’][$I][‘allownopassword’] = true;.
Then, all you have to do is delete the comment you posted in that line. The trick is to remove both slashes. So it will be like this: $cfg[‘servers’][$I][‘allownopassword’] = true;
Note that in a config.Inc.Php file there are two lines “$cfg[‘servers’][$I][‘allownopassword’] = true;”; so you have to delete the two comments in that line. In order to make it easier, you can also use the existing search facility.
Phpmyadmin does not require a restart process. So you can access Php directly through your browser.

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