Digital influencer, how does this new profession work

Who never asked a friend or family member’s opinion before buying a product? We are always looking for some indication to make the best choices. Buying something after a trusted person indicates it gives much. Greater security than simply taking a shot in the dark. Without knowing how your order will come and what its quality is. Because of these It is worth noting that thoughts, influencer marketing is currently. So popular, and here we explain how the digital influencer career works. Digital influencers are people who create content for the internet. In order to attract an audience that identifies with the subjects addressed. As followers grow, so does that person’s power of influence , so influencer sizes. The content creator begins to influence the buying decisions and behaviors of those follow him. The famous bloggers are also from the beginnings of the internet , writing in blogs subjects like fashion and travel.

How did influencers come about?

Despite seeming new, digital influencers emerged almost together with the creation of the internet Bulk SMS South Africa and social networks . Since the time of Orkut, there have been profiles with a significant amount of followers, even if unpretentiously. Some examples of people who nowadays work in social networks but who started their careers through blogs are: Camila Coutinho who was responsible for creating the blog Garotas Estúpidas in 2006 and has 3.1 million followers on instagram, Nati Vozza who in 2009 created the blog Glam4you and today has 1.4 million followers, and Giovanna Ferrarezi who started her career writing on her website Radioactive Unicorns and currently has 644 thousand followers. Influencers can be classified into different categories , it is not necessary to have millions of followers to be considered a digital influencer. Influencer size ranking is based on the number of followers on some social network. They are well-known figures with a robust audience.

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Megainfluencers are those with more than one million, as is the case of Whindersson Nunes and Anitta, for example . Macro -influencers Database USA range from 500,000 to 1 million, consisting of sub-celebrities and people on the rise in their particular niche. Intermediaries usually already have great relevance in their segments and are considered authorities in their sectors, from 100,000 to 500,000 followers. Micro-influencers tend to have a more intimate connection with their audience , as they are able to respond in a more active way. They usually have more engagement than other types of influencers, with 10,000 to 100,000 followers. Nanoinfluencers are starting their careers , they probably still have another job and they use their spare time to create content, they have up to 10k followers. According to Ninho Digital’s CMO, thinking that only Mega influencers bring results is a myth. It all depends on the objective of the campaign and the brand.

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