the website will not upload for various reasons

Alt text for the images, you can ensure that search engines can more easily crawl the content and interpret it. The alt text will be displaye if the images on. Alt text gives you a golden opportunity to insert some relevant keywords. However, make sure you avoid “keyword stuffing”, . excessive use of keywords. 7. Optimizing spee with WooCommerce SEO A website that is slow will often lead to a higher bounce rate. and shop at a competitor instead. If you want to keep customers, it is important that the online store is fast and user-friendly. Did you know that a delay of just one second when loading.

The visitors will easily leave your website

The page can result in 7% fewer conversions? Visitors to the website will also be 16% less satisfie with the shopping experience. If the online store loads database slowly, this is often due to slow hosting. Make sure that your online store is hoste by a web host with satisfactory server capacity. Magento is the world’s largest e-commerce platform and is behind several of Norway’s best-known online stores. Are you considering switching to Magento? Or perhaps you want to build a new online store from scratch.


Here you get everything

Moo Gruppen has extensive experience with the platform and offers tailore development. This is a platform base on open source code. g you nee in Database USA terms of functionality, as long as you know how to work in teams with the software. The Moo Group consists of a team of skille developers who know Magento inside and out. We have assiste several Norwegian companies in achieving their goals through a platform change. Our goal is to create an online store that works to promote your business goals, while improving your position in the market and creating great customer experiences.

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