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The employer should also arrange transport to the hotel. It is a good idea to hire a coach that will take the whole team to the place. g to the holiday accommodation, they should be provide with access to a car park where they can leave their private cars. Of great importance in the matter of which hotel to choose for an integration trip are attractions – both local and those in the hotel. What integration games and activities will diversify the integration trip? Crime riddles Hotel for an integration trip – attractions Good fun should rule on an integration trip. Properly selecte attractions are an inseparable element of such an event. Integration games will make it easier for employees to build friendly relations, equip them with valuable skills.

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The ability to cooperate or communicate effectively), as well as provide them with great fun and good memories. Popular games include: scenario games – for example very popular crime puzzles , movement games – for example, company Olympic Games phone number list consisting of sports team competitions, a football tournament, simple word games – such as puns or truth or dare. A hotel for a business trip In the hotel for an integration trip, you can organize inspiring workshops cooking, a dance course or a show of illusionists or another, equally interesting show.

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It is also worth taking advantage of local attractions – go on a guide walking tour through the picturesque surroundings, visit in the region, organize a Database USA canoeing trip or an unforgettable helicopter flight. day should be an integration event . Traditional party, barbecue, bonfire or picnic – there are many possibilities. An interesting option is to organize a theme party. We recommend Employer branding and recruitment marketing.

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