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Materials and raw materials; experts in marking and automatic identification systems, Currently, the Etisoft brand is a market leader in its industry. It constantly expands its portfolio of products and services, operating both in Poland and abroad. We recommend Content marketing, or how much content is in your content? Community Challenges The new website is not only a showcase of the company. It is primarily a tool that should provide information, but also sell. Products, ideas, knowlege. The website also had to be consistent with the slogan “Etisoft means more.

The product helps consumers

Commplace’s task was to present what the mysterious “more” is and how it can be presente. An important element in the creation of the website design and its implementation was also optimization in terms of SEO. Today, consumers rely on whatsapp mobile number list search engines to help them find information about the products they are intereste in. If we want to attract them to your website, we nee search engine optimization. Effects of cooperation The new Etisoft website has a much improve structure and navigation. As a result, the recipient can easily and intuitively search for information on products, services or the Etisoft Group itself.

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An important element was also the creation of a proprietary knowlege aggregator – the ETISIDE zone. Content hub will allow the company to strengthen the image of an expert, while presenting individual professionals who work in the Database USA company. We also use a new “engine”, state-of-the-art solutions that will have a positive impact on parameters such as loading spee and website accessibility. The layout use is consistent with the company’s values, referring to new technologies, experience and professionalism. The graphic materials use attract the attention of the recipient, naturally composing with the content of the website. SEO activities were also an important element during the creation of the website.

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