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Branding Creating value for the consumer in the sharing economy Collaborative consumption is becoming more and more popular. In modern societies, people are often judge by what they have. Their social status and happiness are strongly dependent on it. Meanwhile, in group consumption, access to goods is more important than ownership. Especially since having goods can make us happy, but only for a while. The latest equipment, new gadgets, appear on the market faster than ever. How to follow it? We recommend The crisis management process in a nutshell What is collaborative consumption.

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Collaborative consumption is also calle collaborative consumption. This is a relatively new consumer trend . It is base on the exchange, lending, barter or paid sharing of one’s goods with other people. This trend stands in opposition to Latest Mailing Database the nee to possess, which has so far taken the lead. Collaborative consumption is base on the idea of ​​sharing and the so-calle product service approach . It focuses on the function of the product, without having to own it. Example? We don’t nee the car all the time, just as a means of transport at a given moment when the nee arises.

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This is how carsharing companies operate. In June 2020, there were 6 service providers in Poland offering mainly passenger cars. City bike rentals operate on a similar principle. Collaborative consumption allows not only to Database USA limit individual consumption. It can also enhance integration and social bonding. It is not without reason that collaborative consumption in some of its forms creates a new currency of exchange – it is trust and reputation. How well do you know your customers’ preferences? Make them love your brand. we will help. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Who are the customers in the sharing economy? At first glance, it may seem strange to treat consumers as a marketing “institution.

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