The Next Chapter of Innovation Funding is the Gni Innovation Challenge

Oneworldmedia works closely with news organizations to solve important business and industry challenges. Help drive sustainable growth in the industry through technological innovation. In europe, this includes bespoke product partnerships with leading news organizations such as cross check, telegraph media group and euronews and collaborations with industry associations such as the global editor network and wan-ifra.


Oneworldmedia develops and supports programs to drive innovation in the news industry. Google news lab is a major part of this effort. Provides training for and works with newsrooms and entrepreneurs around the world to spur innovation in journalism.

Oneworldmedia also supports newsroom innovation through a funding program. In europe, this includes the digital news innovation fund, which is currently in its final round. To date, the imf has distributed €115m across 559 innovative projects in 30 countries across europe. These include projects Bulk SMS Nepal such as the bureau local (uk), which helps local journalism have greater impact; remp by dennik n (slovakia) which explores new and sustainable business models for journalism; and liquid investigations (greece) which helps journalists collaborate safely on a large scale. Find out more about this and other projects here.

Which will run worldwide. Through a regional funding round, the innovation challenge will empower news innovators from around the world to demonstrate new thinking in online journalism and develop new publishing business models. In turn. We look forward to sharing the knowledge generated from the project with the wider industry.

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