Replacing Apache Web Server With Nginx on Webuzo

With the various advantages Replacing Apache that nginx has, many webuzo users want to switch from apache to nginx. So, how do you add nginx to webuzo? Friends of idwebhost , follow the steps below:

Login to end user panel
Before replacing the apache web server with nginx, the first thing you have to do is login to the end user panel. You can use port 2002 from the server’s ip address. After Replacing Apache logging in to the end user panel, on the top menu, select apps. On the left, a menu called stacks will appear. Please click on lemp stacks. You can immediately click install for a new installation.

How to change web server

Enter system utilities
If you installed this software yourself, please go to the web server section. Then choose nginx. After doing so, feel free to return to the home page. Then in the advanced settings section, then select system utilities.

How to change web server

In the system utilities menu, you will find Bulk SMS Iran an option to replace apache with nginx. Change and save by clicking edit settings. It looks like the image below.


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Configuration using ssh
Even though we have replaced apache with nginx, the next step is setting the permalink and editing the configuration. And because nginx doesn’t recognize the .Htcaccess file as used by apache, so it needs to be configured manually by editing the configuration in /usr/local/apps/nginx/etc/conf.D/common. To do this configuration, you can use ssh.

If you are logged into ssh, please enter the following code at the end:

“locations / {

??? Index index.Php index.Html index.Htm;

??? Try_files $uri $uri/ /index.Php?$args;


Restart nginx
After successfully entering the code, the next step you need to take is to restart nginx. You do this by entering the following command:

“Service nginx restart”

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Now you have successfully replaced apache web server with nginx in your webuzo panel.

Reasons to replace apache with nginx
Of course, not a few are wondering, why should you replace the apache web server with nginx. Moreover, both are web servers that are equally popular. Apache is one of the biggest rivals of nginx.

Since the 90s, apache has had a large user base and good community support. Here’s a comparison between nginx and apache to answer your curiosity:

Operating system support:
One of the details that you should pay attention to when choosing a web server is compatibility. Both nginx and apache can run well on many unix-based operating systems. It’s just that, specifically on the windows operating system, no one has performance as good as nginx.

Community support
Users, from amateurs to professionals always want Database USA a good community support, which can help users when facing problems. Both nginx and apache have community support and a stack overflow forum. The difference is that apache actually lacks support from its own developer, the apache foundation.

Nginx can simultaneously run 1000 connections of static content twice as fast as apache and uses less memory. If the performance is compared using dynamic content, the two have almost similar speeds. Nginx is a great choice for those of you who predominantly use static websites.

Nginx is a web server that can act as an email proxy, reverse proxy, and load balancer. The asynchronous and event driven structure of the software allows processing more requests at the same time. This web server also has good scalability. Indeed, nginx and apache are two of the best web servers out there.

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