How to Replace Apache Web Server With Nginx on Webuzo

Like most website panels, one of the features that must be in the control panel is a web server. Web servers can be in the form of software or hardware, which can fulfill How to Replace Apache requests from clients on websites. Not only can it accommodate one website, but the web server can accommodate more than one website. These devices will process incoming network requests via http and several other means.

The good news for you webuzo users is that this control panel is compatible with several web server software. Among them are apache and nginx. Both are web server How to Replace Apache applications with the most users. But not surprisingly, sometimes users feel dissatisfied and want to change the web server software. For example, replacing apache with nginx (read: engine x) on webuzo.

Apache web server

Apache is an open source based web server software. Having the official name apache http server, this software made by the apache software foundation has a very large number of users. Noted, apache controls 40% market share of web servers worldwide.

The reason why apache is so popular is because Bulk SMS Portugal it is very easy to customize because it has a module-based structure. The existence of the module allows server administrators to turn off and turn on additional functions. Apache has modules for security, caching, url rewriting, password authentication, and much more.

Ngingx web server

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In the world of web servers, apache has a tough rival named nginx. Nginx is an open source web server software. At the beginning of its release, nginx worked for http-based web servers. Now, nginx can also serve reverse proxies, http load balancers, and proxy emails.

Since it was first launched in 2004, igor sysoev, the Database USA creator of nginx , wanted his software to be a solution to the c10k problem. C10k is a challenge to be able to manage thousands of connections at a time. And currently, there are a lot of connections that must be handled by a web server.

For this reason, nginx is one of the most reliable web servers for managing speed and scalability. This is thanks to the event-friendly and asynchronous architecture it offers. Because of its great ability to handle multiple connections and speed, many large websites use nginx.

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