One of the Most Anticipated Dark Mode Additions to Google’s Portfolio is Gmail

Gmail dark mode on google
And it’s finally happening for both ios and android apps. Starting september 24, gmail’s dark mode hit all users on android and ios for about two weeks. The app respects the android 10 and ios 13 system-wide toggle for the dark theme like many other google apps. In the android app, at least, there are also those that switch functions manually if the user prefers to stay on light or dark mode all the time.

Google keep dark mode

A favorite google app for many users especially on android is google keep. The humble note-taking app has a dark mode that isn’t triggered by the system as a whole, but rather by an “enable dark theme” toggle in the app settings. This feature arrived in may as part of a server-side update on top of version 5.19.19.

Google keep’s dark mode doesn’t use a black theme, but more of a few shades of dark gray.

Google drive dark mode
While many of google’s android apps are getting a dark mode that works on all versions of the os, google drive isn’t one of them. One of the app’s latest updates officially added support for dark mode after months of the feature in testing, but it only seems to work well on android 10.

In that update, users will see drive switch SMS Gateway Switzerland between dark and light themes based on wider system settings. Some users reported that the theme works on android pie with the dark mode setting enabled, but results vary from user to user. So far, this new dark mode appears to be only available on android, but the ios client and google drive desktop will likely get the same theme eventually.

If you want to keep track of your agenda without spending time at night, google calendar finally has an official dark mode. This new mode is available as an in-app setting on android nougat and later. Simply heading to settings > general > theme will reveal the required toggle.

On android 10, google calendar dark mode respects the wider system settings. In typical google style, the app uses multiple shades of gray to create a theme without losing any design aspects. In particular, the colors on your show stay mostly the same.


Over the past few months

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we’ve seen google start rolling out dark mode for google chrome in a few regions. First and foremost, it includes desktop applications. On both macos and windows 10, there’s an easy-to-access dark mode that’s either already available or just about to hit prime time.

If you’re on macos, running chrome browser version 73 or earlier will enable dark mode on google’s browser. To enable it, simply toggle your system toggle between dark Database USA or light mode. Windows, on the other hand, is still in the process of rolling out. Version 74 of google chrome enables a dark mode on windows and also allows system theme matching, but it’s still a bit finicky at times.

As we know, google is slowly working on bringing dark mode to all core android apps, and this, of course, includes chrome. Now, that function is available. While it’s still not available in the stable version, the latest canary update reveals some signs of changing the theme. Once the flag is enabled, a dark mode toggle appears in google chrome’s “basic” section of the settings menu.

The latest version of google chrome for android also supports a dark theme on the ui elements of supported apps and websites.

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