Metrics what they are and how they work on Instagram and Facebook

Metrics what they are and how they work on Instagram and Facebook Caroline By Caroline Berticelli. Metrics are quantifiable measures used  to analyze a result Similarly.  They are great allies of marketing professionals as they enable measurements real descriptions. Of an action  quantify behaviors and trends and allow course corrections Similarly. Within branding or digital marketing projects. It is essential to understand the database that shows us how a page or publication is performing its role Similarly. As examples we can mention the views of a video, likes of a post and the engagement rate. Each social network has its own. It is important to highlight that they are changeable and constantly revised Similarly. In this text we are going to talk about Instagram and Facebook metrics Similarly .

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Users daily. Instagram metrics Instagram metrics are subdivided into subtopics Similarly. Look reach Accounts Reached Similarly .The number of unique accounts Germany Mobile Number List that saw any of the posts. Inside it are: 1.1 Followers 1.2 Non-followers 1.3 By Type of Content (Stories, Publications and Videos) 2. Most relevant publications 3. Percentage of non-follower reach of the profile 4. Impressions  the total number of times all posts were seen 5 Similarly. Profile visits (from posts) Hand with cellphone on Instagram metrics page Instagram metrics show the result of actions Similarly. (Photo: Georgia de Lotz/Unsplash) Public Followers Similarly.  Unfollow Location (Country and City) age group Gender most active periods Interactions Profile Views. The number of times the profile has been viewed. Link Clicks. The number of website clicks on the profile Similarly. Send Email Button Taps : The number of taps to send an email.


Call button taps the number of taps

To call the page. Business Address Touches . The number of touches to find the address. Interactions with Stories . Shares  how many Database USA times the content was shared. Forward  how many times the content was forwarded Similarly. Navigation in Stories taps to Forward (Tap on Right Side). Number of times users skipped to the next Story Similarly. Back taps (Tap on left side) Similarly. Number of times users went back to the previous Story. Next Story (swipe left) number of times users jumped to the next account’s Story. Number of times users tapped the screen to exit Stories Similarly. Learn how to use them to your advantage on social media facebook metrics Facebook metrics open on computer screen Fabebook metrics can be measured by tools (Photo: Campaign Creators/Unsplas) Similarly. The main Facebook metrics are page Actions. Number of clicks on the contact information Similarly.

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