Learn how to create a store on Facebook in 6 steps

Learn how to create a store on Facebook in 6 steps Caroline By Caroline Berticelli Creating a Facebook shop is a great way for brands and individual entrepreneurs to boost their sales. The resource has no cost and can be done by anyone who already has a page on the platform. It is important to highlight that the commercial use of social networks has been growing dramatically in recent years. This accompanies the increasing number of connected users and businesses that are closed in digital media. According to a survey released last September, 91% of connected consumers made a purchase in online stores between 2020 and 2021. Of this total, 87% used their smartphone to complete the deal. Data are from the National Confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL). Step by step to create a store on Facebook After setting up a page on Facebook , the option to configure the store appears.

At the top of your page with

The following message: ‘Start selling in a few steps’. To start the process, just click on ‘start’. Facebook brand page Another way is to scroll down France Mobile Number List the page and go to ‘Free Facebook Tools for Business’ on the left side of the screen and choose the option ‘ Sell Your Products ‘. Option to create a Facebook store on the platform page Next, the platform will open the configuration page and you must press ‘Next’. Look: Start of creating a Facebook page Read also: Commercial Facebook, know all the free tools At that moment, it is necessary to choose a checkout method, that is, how the payment will be made. Since the Facebook Shop doesn’t allow payment for it, you can choose to direct customers to your branded website or your chosen Messenger, Instagram Direct or WhatsApp. Choosing a payment method in the Facebook store.


Now the Facebook shop will ask

For your business email so that you can access the ‘Commerce Manager’. Business email for Facebook Commerce Manager Subsequently Database USA you must name the product catalog and click on Next. Naming catalog in Facebook store. The last step to create a store on Facebook is to submit. The request for the platform to review the account and approve the order. Request for Facebook to review store Register products in the catalog. After Facebook approves the store  you must register the products. It is important to highlight that the Product Catalogs of the social network are directories. Where companies can insert images descriptions, stock information. Categories usage tutorials and much more about each product. By dividing products into customizable collections or categories and with simple design tools, it is possible to display featured products, highlight the brand and thus facilitate purchases for customers. Read also consumer.

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