Most powerful instruments of digitalization

Digitization is a reality for companies Most powerful instruments.and using new technologies to automate processes and digitize content is key. Although there are different ways to carry out this transformation, the intranet and CRM are emerging as the most powerful instruments of digitalization that you should not ignore. Why are they the most powerful instruments of digitalization? Basically because when used in combination, companies can digitize all the internal and external processes of a company . That is, they can collect data, create communication channels and automate tasks both within the company and in customer management. In the following paragraphs we explain why these two tools are the best instruments to carry out the digital transformation of your company.

CRM and customer management Most powerful instruments 

The intranet and personnel management For a company to work properly and offer good sales service, all internal areas must work like a well-oiled machine; This implies that there must be good communication channels between company data departments and teamwork should be encouraged . In short, managing staff and making sure everyone can do their job is the best way to increase productivity. The intranet is ideal to achieve this goal. This is because all the company’s information – such as regulations, management techniques, etc. – can be digitized in a single database .

The intranet and personnel management

This allows less dependence on other programs, or for each department to work with a different tool. The intranet makes it possible to collect, access and manage information faster and save time and money in operational functions. In addition, all workers Data Base USA can access the intranet and interact with each other without intermediaries or long waiting processes. Designing an efficient intranet is possible thanks to tools such as Intranet Unidos , a specialized platform for the design and management of these portals; With it you can create an intranet designed especially for your company and have specialized support and support at all times. CRM and customer management.

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