What is branding and how to apply it in an SME

What is For a small company, marketing, and even more so if it is digital, is synonymous with sales. If I invest X, I want to get at least X +1%. Something that all of us who are dedicated to marketing know is not a reality, and even less so if we only launch sales campaigns and in a timely manner as most companies do. With this context or that of a company that is somewhat more mature in marketing. 

What is brand marketing or brand marketing

What is brand marketing or brand marketing? Talk about the top industry data company’s history with your audience I think this is the simplest way to define it. If we add some details we could say: Make known the values and attributes of the company. Connect with the company’s audience by explaining the whys and wherefores of the company. Give reasons, beyond those of the product or service, to trust the company. To all this I would add that the starting point of branding must be the brand purpose . 

How to make brand marketing more effective

How to make brand marketing more effective? If we have limited Database USA budgets and resources, a good solution is to apply the segmentation criteria from conversion campaigns to brand campaigns. That is, instead of launching actions to the market in general,  brand to the audiences on which it will have the greatest impact and/or are most interesting to us at a strategic level.

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