Help scout is a customer support

Help scout is a customer support software tool for small to mid-siz businesses. And they are obsess with providing excellent customer experiences.Their welcome is an excellent case study on showing. Not telling. How many times have you read we value customer service or the customer is always right on a company’s values page? And how many times have you actually believ it?Rather than telling about their award-winning support. Help scout implies it in a handful of ways. With the “we’re here to help!” line. The email directly at the bottom. And the smiling faces. You get the sense that help scout would love to answer any of your questions.

While this email could benefit from

While this email could benefit from some action steps (like asana’s). It does enforce help scout’s core brand message very well. And who knows. Maybe future emails in their email sequence include onboarding steps!Zapier has a very interesting challenge on their hands in the  country email list sense that. Unless you’ve us zapier before. You might have no clue what they do. Zapier is an automation tool that moves information across different apps automatically. Taking the busy work out of a lot of day-to-day tasks. They’re one of the first products like that in their space. And when you have a category-defining product like that. One of your biggest marketing challenges is going to be ucating potential customers on what. Exactly. Your product even is.

This email tackles that challenge head-on

 And it does so rather effectively. With the lead header of what’s a zap? They start to answer exactly what a potential customer nes to know. Then. They go on to give them visual examples of what. Exactly. You can do with zapier. They also include a video introducing the product.  This is a masterclass in product ucation. And there’s no doubt his email campaign has serv the zapier team well. A rule of thumb I have for any marketing email I’ve ever sent is Data Base USA to make sure I have a reason to be in their inbox. Emails that are sent for the sake of sending emails are just annoying. But emails that are helpful and provide value are the ones that stand out. And this one from rfin does exactly that.

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