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Are you optimizing your website and introducing meta descriptions for existing subpages? In the case of extensive websites, it is a laborious process, which should not be skipp. Start with the most important subpages that generate the most traffic, then gradually expand activities to the less important ones. You may soon notice that your website traffic has increas. Switch to Google Analytics ! All about GA Joanna Horoszko June , You will read in ~ min. Switch to Google Analytics ! All about GA V A few months ago, we briefly present (Infographic) how to smoothly switch to Google Analytics in steps.

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Today’s article will be an extension of the information contain in the aforemention infographic. We want to provide you with stepbystep instructions on how to migrate from Universal Analytics (GA ) to GA . In the following article you will learn, among others * what’s the deal with this GA ? * how is the implementation phone number list of GA in stores on the most popular engines * how you can implement GA yourself in your store or website * what if you can’tdon’t want to migrate to GA yourself * BONUS You will also find current, uptodate information on what’s new on GA What’s up with this GA ? The whole internet is buzzing about (so far) the biggest change in analytics tools from Google.

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We are talking about the introduction of a new analytical standard GA and the complete replacement of the existing Universal Analytics. The announcement of turning off Universal Analytics additionally raises a lot of anxiety among users. Many ask themselves, why this change? Wasn’t it good the way it was? Well the answer is that if we, month by month the data would become less and less accurate realistic would describe the changing digital reality. The Database USA world is changing, and so is technology. New channels of reaching users are emerging.

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