Change Ftp Account Quota on Cpanel

Actually, there are several features in a cpanel. One of them is being able to create your own ftp account in cpanel. Ftp account or ftp account is also known as file transfer protocol. Ftp is used in management related to the website you use. If you are a website owner, of course you will be able to create an ftp account first in a cpanel.
The following are the steps you must take to create and use an ftp account in cpanel:

Log in to cpanel first

Select it on the ftp account menu
You can also directly add a new ftp account. Fill in the username, password, directory for the file storage location and also the quota intended for the account.
Then, select the user manager in the side menu.
Furthermore, on the user manager menu, you Bulk SMS Canada can see all the accounts you have created on web hosting, email accounts, and ftp. Usually, the newly created ftp account will appear in the list of ftp accounts. This type of ftp account is usually marked with an active vehicle symbol, while for email accounts it will be marked with an active mailing envelope.
You can also try via an ftp client, for example filezilla will allow you to access the account you created.
To be able to check the currently active ftp connection, you can go through the ftp connections menu. After that you will be able to see the status of the currently active ftp connection.
Ftp account
Change ftp account quota on cpanel
Here are the steps:

You must first enter cpanel via http://example.Com/cpanel or http://example.Com:2082
Click on ftp accounts which is in the files section.
Next, click on the change quota in the ftp account that will change the quota. You can select at the top of the button so you can limit the quota per megabyte (mb) and when you select the bottom or unlimited button there will be no quota restrictions on your ftp account.
Click on the change quota section so that you can save the quota changes that you have done before.
Increase or reduce ftp account quota in cpanel
The following is a method that you can apply if you want to change the main user of the ftp account. However, the following will explain about changing the ftp account password. Here are the steps:

Always login to your cpanel account

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In the “files” section, you can click on the icon “ftp account”
At the bottom of “Ftp accounts” you will have Database USA to click the “Change quota” button. Next you can enter your new quota. And click the “change quota” button.
Start using the features and facilities of ftp accounts in cpanel
Ftp account

You can actually use this interface to be able to create or manage file transfer protocol (ftp) accounts on your website. Ftp really allows you to be able to manage the website files that you have. You can only access this interface if your hosting service provider has activated the ftp service on the server you are using. Apart from that, you can also use your cpanel account username and password so you can log in to ftp. To be able to transfer files, use the ssh file transfer protocol (sftp) accessed on your cpanel to access the account shell.

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