How You Can Start by Clicking on the Restore Button Located on the Right

Actually, besides the backup process, cpanel also has a restore feature so you can restore a website’s settings so you can return to its original settings. The method is quite easy. The following:

On a website backup main page

Actually, there are several types of restore that you can choose from, it can be a home directory, mysql database or it could be email forwarders and filters. In this experiment using the home directory.
You can click the choose file button to find your backup file. Next, click the upload button so you can start the process of uploading the backup file that you have. After that, a new window will appear which means that the data restore process is in progress.
When successful, a screen will appear Bulk SMS Sender Pakistan indicating that the restore process you did was successful.
Restore data
Restore website data through cpanel
When you have done the website backup process, you will get a file which is the result of the backup process. So, when the website is hit by something you don’t want, for example, it becomes an object of hacking, you don’t need to worry. This is because your important data is safe because it has been backed up. However, you also don’t need to worry if you want to restore important data that you have previously backed up. In terms of backup does have a function as a process of copying important data. While restore is the process of restoring important data through previous backup files.

Here are the steps

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You must first log into cpanel. There are many ways you can do it to get into cpanel, but the easiest way is via https://domainname/cpanel.
Later, you will enter the cpanel that comes from the hosting. Furthermore, in the search form, you can write “Backup”. Next you can select backup wizard.
Next you will be directed to the backup wizard page. On that page there will be several steps or steps related to the backup or restore process on the website. On the first step. You have to define your goal first. In this step, you will carry out a website restore process. Then you have to click on “restore”.
There will be several restore options, namely the home directory can be used to restore a directory or several files on a website. Mysql databases can be used to restore website databases. Finally, you can use email forwarders & filters so you can restore emails. You can select home directory.
Then, select the backup file that you previously Database USA downloaded successfully. Click on choose file and choose the backup file. After that click upload.
Finally, you only need to wait for the website restore process to finish.
Restore data
How to restore backups in cpanel
This process aims to restore some or even all of the files contained in your account including configuration files, email and also your website files. This file which will later relate to your website is contained in a public_html folder. This process makes it very possible for you to be able to restore all website files or just the files or even the folders that you have chosen where there are things you need.

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