Brandbook what it is, its use in social networks

Brandbook: what it is, its use in social networks and examples. Caroline By Caroline Berticelli The brandbook is a brand manual that describes the company’s. Guidelines so that all areas and points of contact can maintain a pre-established identity. It works as a guide for professionals when it comes to applying the brand to creations both. Online and offline and, therefore, must always be available to everyone. Otherwise, the of the segment brand runs the risk of losing its uniqueness and not being recognized by the public. Among the main advantages of its use, we can mention: Standardization. Ease of teamwork Organization Guarantee of recognition by the public. The brandbook deals with aesthetic issues, but not only that, it can be seen as a materialization of the brand on paper, as it also contains guidelines. That include the values ​​and purpose of the brand. Brandbook in the look of social networks The importance.

According to the specific needs

Of using the brandbook , that is, an aesthetic direction for strategies in social networks, is indisputable. These platforms reach millions Bulk SMS Qatar of people. Every day and are a very important touchpoint. To understand the concept, think of the following example.  A well-known snack bar in your area usually posts promotions every day with an orange stripe. Indicating the name of the dish and a filter in the same tone as the photograph. In this way, the public and audience of the profile already used to it and when they enter their Instagram. They are able to instantly identify the posts of the profile in question. Which would not happen if the snack bar used a different color and filter every day. Also read: How to set up a perfect social media plan. For your brand This memorization effect has already been proven by studies of the human brain performed by several.


Marketing and advertising researchers

According to them, brand recognition is strongly linked to the colorful impact it causes. An example of the strength of colors is the Coca-Cola Database USA brand, which immediately. Makes the public think of the color red. Yellow arrow that guides professionals like the brandbook. The brandbook guides digital marketers. (Photo: Unsplash) On the other hand, if your brand does not have a brandbook. .Formats of posts on social networks. To do so, you must prepare: A color palette, indicating which colors to use in fonts A guide to possible sources A guide to aesthetic elements such as buttons and such. Creating a brandbook However, if your option. Is to create a  that some information appears in most manuals, while others must be adapted.

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