You can also generate ideas

AI will provide the results in a table, listing the top questions and search intent.” “I can then create content that piggybacks on the popularity of this TV series, which is amazing.” “This can save you so much time as you now don’t have to go around using different tools to get these ideas.” 3. Generate article ideas Once you’ve discovered hot topics using AI, you can connect these findings to your brand’s subject matter expert to produce article ideas. Solis said she combined her research on “Succession” with the subject matter of a website on remote work. AI provided her with five potential article topic ideas: “You can also obtain suggestions based on the top ranking articles.” “Using AI, you can see what pages are already ranking well for the query that you want to target.

Who is the target audience

Make your prompts specific, descriptive and comprehensive,” she said before adding that instructions should address the five Ws DB to Data and the H:  What is the expected goal? Where is it going to be used? When is it going to be used? Why do you want to use it? How do we want to deliver this (e.g. format, language, tone, structure, length)? Following these prompt rules can potentially save you a lot of time and produce quality results. 2. Hot topics inspiration You can also generate ideas for hot topics using chatbots. If, for example, a TV show (e.g., “Succession”) was trending, you could leverage AI to find out the top 10 most searched-for questions about the series, she said.

Finding the right back balance

DB to Data

However, while Google has confirmed that AI-generated content is. OK as long as it’s high-quality, original and useful. The search engine has also indicated Database USA that expertise. And content based on real human experience will be. Rewarded with better visibility. is key, and SEOs that fail to do this are likely to struggle to be competitive, Solis explained at SMX Advanced. But where to start? Here’s a recap of Solis’ top tips on how marketers can make the most out of AI, beyond generating articles, to maximize their keyword research. 1. Give specific, descriptive and comprehensive prompts If you want the best possible answers from generative AI tools, you need to use the best possible prompts, Solis said.

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