What gender does the person identify with in society

Cities where you live study live or work Similarly. Education and level of knowledge (Non-traditional courses and training can be accepted here) personal scope . How does this person see life (Do you plan your life with predefined goals or don’t you care about it). What are your biggest concerns personal achievements. professional scope Similarly. job responsibilities your main career goals if any main obstacles and challenges consumption of content on social networks does this person use topics catch your attention on the networks Similarly. Does she get information through social media. If which channels do you follow. What kind of content does it share and generate (post pictures doing what, when and how). What content formats does she use the most. Buying preferences and acquisitions. What brands does she like and is she a fan of here may Similarly.

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Of the person’s income range but which he admires as a fan Similarly. What brands does she usually use. Does she already use products or services similar Australia Mobile Number List to yours Similarly. Does she shop online or do she prefer physical purchases. How long can it take her to make up her mind communication channels Similarly. What channels does she use and prefer and for what purposes. If the company is going to present a product or service Similarly. What is the most relevant communication channel for it. How many interviews to do to create a persona Similarly. According to Adele Revella founder and CEO of the Buyer Persona Institute. The number of interviews to be done to create a persona is relative Similarly. She points out that fewer questionnaires are usually needed than assumed. This is because from 8 to 10 themselves Similarly.


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Traffic monitoring tools such as Google Analytics to look for relevant data on the current audience Similarly. To analyze this information it is recommended Database USA to use common tables and spreadsheets Similarly. Application As we’ve seen, the process of creating a persona requires research and work. But the effort is worth it as only then will the brand be ready to communicate Similarly. In the most appropriate way with its potential customers Similarly. The persona profile can be used in the planning of various forms of content, from the layout of the brand’s website through paid Similarly. Campaigns, email marketing to organic traffic from social networks, among others. See some examples Similarly. Define which social networks will be prioritized Establish better days Similarly. Times and formats for posts Knowing what subjects will be addressed how and what language to use, in order to engage consumer Similarly.

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