What are Rich Snippets How to get them

Rich Snippets are a type of Google search result that displays additional information, such as ratings or reviews. Google typically extracts this additional information from special code (structured data markup). What are which is found in the HTML of pages.People use the terms “Rich Snippets” and “Rich Results” interchangeably. According to Google, they both refer to the same thing . All Rich Snippets (or rich results) are a type of SERP features. Rich Snippets (or rich results) are any type of search results that display visual or interactive data. They include assessments, event information, data sets, and FAQs, among others .

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SERP features are anything other than a standard organic listing. Rich Snippets, Local Pack, and image carousels are just a few types of SERP functionality. How Rich Snippets Help in Canadian Pharmaceutical Email List SEO Google says that the use of structured data is not a ranking factor . (Google extracts information from structured data markup to feed Rich Snippets.) However, on their blog they point out that Rich Snippets improve the visibility of a website in search results and can increase the click-through rate ( CTR ). Rich Snippets make pages more visually appealing in SERPs. They make them stand out from the normal search results.When you use structured data on your website, you are basically using the schema language in a markup code format.

Schema is the vocabulary that

Explains to the search engine the type of elements that are on your page. The format is the type of markup code that links the schema and the search engine. There are Data Base USA three main markup code formats: JSON-LD, microdata, and RDFa ( JSON-LD is Google’s preferred format). Schema.org defines the universal vocabulary for structured data. You can consult their website to. What are write and test new fragments of structured data, regardless of the format.The markup code for the structured data you add to your website will vary depending on the type of rich snippet you want to achieve. And, of course, your website must have relevant content to achieve a specific type of Rich Snippet. For example, you can’t get recipe snippets if you don’t create content related to food and recipes.

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