Step by step to use Excel and analyze your data more intelligently

If you have physical data, transcribe it into the Step by step Excel sheet. Use the typical column format. For example, if your. Therefore, business sells sports t-shirts, then in each column (from left to right) write the name of each month and by row (from top to bottom) write how many you. Therefore, sold each day. 3. Activate data analysis To activate this Excel alternative you have to go to the File section and then Options.


How to do Data Analysis Step by step in Excel?

Later, you will see a tab with. Therefore, different options. Opt for the one that says executive data Complements. Select the Manage box. Make sure the. Therefore, Add-ons option is selected and click Go. After this step, Excel will direct you to another tab. Therefore, where you can choose four alternatives. Choose Analysis Tools and click OK. 4. Generate a data analysis Once the data analysis option is activated, look for the Data alternative in the Excel windows. When the alternatives are displayed, look for Data Analysis. It is usually located in the upper right.


Export your data in the document

Data analysis such as: Covariance. Descriptive. Therefore, statistics. Histograms. Regression analysis. Sample. Random number Database USA generation. Exponential smoothing, among others. Choose the most feasible one for you and apply it by clicking on Accept. Later I will talk to you in. Therefore, more detail about graphs as a tool for analyzing data.

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