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 Get traine in in demand skills at Geekbrains, and you’ll be able to find a new job the next day. Improve yourself and you will succee! Study leave. Terms of provision, duration, amount of payment leave a comment Save article: What is this? By law study leave is grante to employees who combine work with education. And this opportunity is very helpful it is difficult to succee in both directions when there is simply not enough time for this.  For example, is it possible to use study leave not in full? Is it possible to replace it with monetary compensation? What kind of benefits can be obtained in addition? There are a number of other nuances that should be taken into account.


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 The article explains: Conditions for granting study leave Grounds for granting leave Duration of study leave Study leave payment amount Guarantees in addition to vacation Procedure for applying for study leave Additional points regarding study leave Take Hong Kong Data the test and find out which field suits you. IT design or marketing. Free from Geekbrains Conditions for granting study leave . The legislation of the .Russian Federation states that employees who combine work and study can take study leave to take a midterm session.ass exams or defend a dissertation.



 This is one of the differences between study

leave and annual paid leave. Conditions for Lebanon Phone Number List granting study leave Conditions for granting study leave To receive study leave, an employee must meet several conditions. Firstly, this must be the employee’s first education. For example, when transferring from master’s to graduate school, the right to study leave is retained, but you will not be able to obtain a second degree. There are exceptions to this rule. 

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