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If you want, you can try the launch later when/if you update the look of the blog. Launching a blog can be a new experience for you. First, I want to tell you what the launch actually is. The launch is a marketing event that traditionally lasts 7 to 14 days. During the launch, the goal is to get your blog in front of the widest possible audience. In this post, I’ll give you practical steps to a successful blog launch. Don’t forget to also download the free Blogger’s Info package, which includes e.g. blog launch plan.  blog | Blog launch or marketing plan The first time the launch should be done on a small scale, just to test the launch as a strategy.

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The bigger the launch you want to do, the more time you should spend planning the launch. After launching the blog, it’s easy to start launching special data your own digital products. Own product launches require 3 months of good strategic planning, 2 weeks of active marketing and 2 weeks of customer service and aftercare of customer relations. When I founded the Unelma Onnellizzätta blog in January 2014, the blog was published in style in 10 minutes. launched or that it was worth doing. Maybe it’s a good thing that I didn’t launch the blog at the very beginning, especially when I go to read the first posts =D The launch would hardly have been of any use in January 2014 and I might have made myself a total laughing stock at worst.

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But the more I’ve blogged, the more I’ve started to think about the meaning and importance of the launch in terms of the blog’s visibility. I think you should definitely consider launching a blog for one reason: You will get the maximum amount of traffic to your blog in a short time. A large number of visitors in a short time shows you that your blog is of interest to readers and that, if anything, motivates you to continue blogging. You will have more motivation to keep writing and sharing posts on social media. You have the discipline to produce quality content on a long-term  Database USA basis. No blogger wants to disappoint their readers after the readers have visited the blog for the first time.

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