The functioning of every company

The fuctioning will OPCache spee up my website? There is usually one answer to these types of questions – it depends. While large portals and online stores will feel positive effects after introducing the OPCache function, small business card websites may not feel the difference at all. The key element here is the technology use and the structure of the website. However, this does not change the fact that every administrator should strive to constantly improve the spee of his website, which is why we recommend enabling OPCache on every website. Read more about how page spee affects conversions.

A great way to attract potential

Can OP Cache break a website? Most optimization work involves the risk of “falling apart” the page and throwing various types of errors HTTP errors. The best example here is the optimization of the database or CSS/JS files, which is quite a challenge on some websites. However, in the case of OPCache we can be calm. It is rare for the engine in photo editor question to cause any errors on the page. In case of any problems, simply disable the OPCache function in the PHP settings to return to normal. You can also try to change the version to PHP, in which the OPCache engine has been improve and expande.

Customers and employees

All this makes support the key to a brand’s success on the Internet. And one of the increasingly popular and like forms of support is live chat. WordPress live chat plugins It is worth mentioning that most buyers prefer contact via chat rather than any other form of interaction. This means that enabling live chat not only affects customer satisfaction after purchase, but also the number Data Base USA of conversions. It allows you to ask questions and resolve any doubts in a simple and pleasant way before placing an order. Today’s article will also be about this.

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