The contact of brands a symbol of the growth

Therefore, Do you understand the message? Yes! Well then I won’t bother explaining it. Ha ha ha. That is why I have considered that I should draft some principles. The contact that govern my decisions in this matter, to protect myself and, above all, you from possible “taking the chicken’s neck” on my part. Writing and publishing my principles is a public commitment that I make with this community and something that I think every blogger should do because, sooner or later, you will have to turn to them to make a decision. Based on what? Well, that’s your question.

I have written them

Therefore, Always thinking about the identity and original motivations for which I started this blog and, above all, in maintaining executive data my intention to provide value above all else . Here I leave you mine, I would like (a lot, a lot, a lot) to know your opinion. That’s it! Do you see how short it is (because he waits to see the other thing, hee hee hee)? What do you think about it? You like them? Do you think they are accurate? Do you agree with me that they are necessary? And regarding the Cola-Cao thing? Count please! a book that I recommend to Therefore, you since it is helping me a lot. Well, in that book the story of the goose that laid the golden eggs is told .

The contact It turns out that

A chicken gave one golden egg a day, which made its owner extremely happy. Seeing this source of wealth, he began to become increasingly miserly and impatient. He couldn’t wait Database USA until Therefore, the next day until the hen laid another egg. He wanted all the eggs now (to buy a vest in Archena and have good apricots and drink coffee in the sun…). Do you know something? Lately I have been receiving quite a few emails from companies proposing compensation or collaboration along the lines of “write about this service or product we offer and in exchange…

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