The Benefits of Using Gmail for Your Small Business

Simplify multiple emails
Like many small business owners, you probably have more than one email account. Checking everything takes time. Through forwarding and other techniques. You can use gmail as your master email system to combine multiple emails into one.

You can customize the gmail interface with pre-existing themes or create your own. Your inbox doesn’t have to look bland.

Enhanced productivity
Gmail includes task lists that must be opened from within gmail and calendar. Having a to-do list tool integrated into your email account makes updating that easy.

Filters and search

Gmail includes powerful filter tools that sort messages as you receive them. You can also use the search function to find misplaced emails.

Timesaving shortcuts
Even though gmail is user friendly with a Bulk SMS Brazil complete system. Advanced users can save time by activating and using keyboard shortcuts.

So now that you understand you are ready to create a new gmail account. Here’s how:

Step 2 : click on the create account link under the “sign in with your google account” gray box.

3 : under the “choose your username” field, click I prefer to use my current email address link.

Step 4 : enter the non-gmail email address you want to register with google.

Step 5 : complete filling out the new account form and accept google’s privacy policy and terms.

6 : confirm your new account with the email address you provided.

Longer explanation and guide on how to create a new account in gmail

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If you’re already logged into your gmail account and this is the same address you want to use for google’s suite of tools, you’re done! Your address is already associated with google.

Click the create account link below the “sign in with your google account” gray box .
Under the “choose your username” field , click I prefer to use my current email address link.
Enter the non-gmail email address Database USA you want to register with google.
After clicking this link, you can enter your current (non-gmail) email address for this setup process. This is the most important step in this process. As mentioned, I highly recommend setting up or dedicating an existing email on your domainnow that you have successfully created a new account in gmail, you can grant access to other google tools. Like analytics, google search console, google my business and so on. If you have thought about our recommendation to use a special email that is on your domain. You don’t have to worry about important data for you and can bring all your data together and place it in your account.

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