Second Stage Install Sectigo Ssl on Zimbra

The first is to generate a Second Stage Install crs on the zimbra server from the zimbra web panel . From the home menu, then click install certificates , as shown below.

How to install ssl sectigo

Second step:
After clicking install certificates , a dialog box will appear asking you to choose the hostname for which ssl will be installed. If so, please click next.
Then, you will be asked to complete the data according to the existing circumstances.

How to install ssl sectigo

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Download the csr certificate and purchase ssl sectigo at idwebhost. The csr certificate is a public key that has not been specially formatted, which is used to register an Second Stage Install ssl certificate. This ssl information is important to the certificate issuer (ca). This is required to validate the information required to issue an ssl certificate. Csr is given freely by the server or administrator so that each party can encrypt it.

Sixth step

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After the certificate has been purchased as well as downloaded, you can directly load the certificate into the zimbra server. If the downloaded file was in zip format, please extract the file first. By using the command

#mkdir sectigo

Following are the contents of the certificate Database USA file from mail_beniceday_xyz-sec.Zip which was sent to the zimbra server.

If you still have questions about this installation, please leave a question in the comments column or contact the idwebhost support team . See you.

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