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create a list for impressions in search results, and make The help a database of your customers’ email addresses. blue ocean The Blue Ocean Strategy is a creative approach to product promotion and company development. Its essence is reuce to the formation of a new market for the product. The method was create in , but so far there are no hints that it may become obsolete. The strategy is base on a thorough study of the target audience, its behavior and nees, the analysis of alternative niches, relate products and possible prospects for the development of events. As a result, you will receive a new demande product that your competitors do not have.

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The Blue Ocean is a small lagoon in which you are the only one and there are no competitors at all. You simply don’t notice them Igor Mann, marketer, speaker, author, publisher, source. The products that emerge from the Blue Ocean strategy photo editor are well known to you. The descaling kettle, Viagra, Starbucks, the world’s first smartphone. In addition to conclusions No sources will give results if there is no proper packaging of the product goods or services. You got acquainte with the current trends in advertising that are applicable to any type of business. However, each business is specific and the effectiveness of advertising channels.

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Depends on the right choice of strategy, the package of advertising. Campaigns and the subtleties of setting each one. The best result is achieve when the entrepreneur, who owns all the information about his product, and the marketer. Who knows how to best use this information, work together. Consult with an experience marketer, compile a list of advertising channels in relation to your situation and get the most out of them together. To date, Yandex. Direct is the most Data Base USA commonly use method of advertising goods and services. Flexible adjustment of advertising campaign parameters.  Allows you to get customers in a fairly short time with a given budget.

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