Reasons Why Big Brands Must Have Websites

Currently there are more than 900 million websites around the world. The website information space can also reach knowledge with coverage of almost the entire world. And can summarize the latest news with a matter of seconds. Many business owners in the last decade have used websites as the spearhead of their sales. Especially for internet users in a world that continues to increase over time. And if you pay attention, the internet can become a mandatory thing that must be understood and also understood in the next few years. If you choose to ignore this, you will no doubt be falling further and further behind. This is the reason why big brands must have a website. The main thing is to increase customer trust.

Big brands must have websites

Very sure you have no competitors? This is very impossible, because any field of business must have competitors. Data compiled from the central bureau of statistics in 2016, most companies have collaborated with their business digitally. These business actors are also directly involved in e-commerce activities so that they can grow rapidly. Apart from that, the 2016 economic census data also shows that the Bulk SMS Belgium increase in e-commerce businesses has reached 17 percent or around 26 million units. Thus, are you still unsure about creating a website? Even though your competitors are already in the stage of developing a business with a very qualified website. So, if you don’t keep up with the times, your company will be left behind.

Big brand must have a website, can reduce costs
You can also take into account, the number of business operational costs every day. Starting from employee salaries, promotions, advertising, production to marketing. This has not yet been calculated with the cost of the promotional tax which has been regulated in article 6 and article 9 of the ph.D. Law, whose nominal value is in the millions. The difference is, if you have a company website. Then the existence of these sites can save your company’s operational expenses by up to 50 percent.

Big brand must have a website

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You can count the number of opportunities for promotions every day. If you miss an event, maybe only about 2-3 hours. By going through print media advertising there Database USA is actually a time limit, it can be around 3 to 7 days. Even though it can take up to one month to do an advertisement in a newspaper, the costs incurred are definitely not small. It’s the same as introducing a product through a brochure or pamphlet, so the company’s expenses can swell. Now you can compare promotions made through the website. All of this is not necessary. All you need to do is promote for 24 hours, a month or even a whole year. You only need to pay a minimum of rp. 500,000, then you can have a website with usability and loading time.

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