Ninho Digital celebrates 7 years of agency

On Ninho digital completed 7 years serving digital projects and during this long journey we have gone through great challenges and achievements. To remember our history, we talked with the partners Dandy, Larissa and Victor. According to Dandy´´ we are correct, strategic, respectful, professional and we aim for results.´´ Partner Victor quoted the phrase “What is right is right, even if nobody does it. Wrong is wrong, even if everyone is wrong about it.” Remembering the entire concept of the , Larissa chose the phrase ´´It is by flying high that learn!´´ The company’s biggest challenge In the view of partner Dandy, everything in entrepreneurship is challenging, but she pointed out as the main challenge the moment when the company decided to take a bigger step towards .´´We divide responsibilities and different sectors for each partner, we go through several that work for larger teams, more professional structuring of the areas, etc.

In addition, of course, to the pandemic

That forced us to change our entire work process for a home office model (which today makes perfect sense). ”Victor complemented Bulk SMS Services in Ghana with a difficulty that occurred at the beginning of Ninho Digital, which was adjusting the positions of each partner on a day-to-day basis. Larissa pointed out the entire Ninho journey as her greatest achievement, but also as her greatest challenge. After all, it was never easy, but always very rewarding. Through Ninho, many jobs were generated, for Victor, his greatest achievement was helping many families. For Dandy, each step we have taken in these 7 years has been important and rewarding, from our headquarters to surpassing the milestone of 30 birds working simultaneously at the Ninho. What inspires our members to want to improve a little every day What most inspires CEO Victor Rangel are his partners and his family. For Larissa Ilaides, the biggest inspiration is to see the evolution of people from Ninho’s work.


The agency is able to change lives

And make dreams come true! Dandy Passuello aimed to reap good results from the good work. That Ninho does and to have inspiring people with similar goals walking side by side. Both Dandy and Victor. See Ninho as an agency that will be recognized among the largest in the country. And one of the largest groups of companies in Paraná. According to Larissa, Ninho has no barriers. The idea is to expand more and more, to remain attuned to the transformations in communication and technology, and dedicated to the performance of projects. We are aware of our differentials and have already started. To build the path that will endorse our methods inside and outside the country, with global partnerships that will define. How we will be in 7 years from now based on investments in the production and expansion teams. What does it mean to be a professional who is part of Ninho Digital. According to Dandy, being a Bird means challenging yourself daily to be a better professional.

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