Introduction to custom dimensions and metrics in Google Analytics

Tell me something: How are you doing with web analytics? Good? Fair enough? Very Doris? But what are you saying! Surely it’s just your impression and that you know more than you think or… maybe it’s just that you see it as too complex. Could be? Look, something similar happened to me. I thought it was too complex to address at that time and I knew that, at some point, work or my needs , not biological, you understand, would lead me to have to face it .

A little story to understand the concepts

Ha. She knew it. Typical “There are no eggs!” … [piopialo vcboxed=»1″]To understand what personalized dimensions are, you have to read this story. Posh.[/piopialo] Imagine that you have set up a stand for your brand at a fair . You don’t know how many people or what types of people are going to visit you, but top industry data you want, to improve, to obtain as much information about them as possible . Since you will have to attend to them and will not have time to write down, you decide to hire a specialist who will be in charge of collecting that information during the event. The specialist tells you what his service consists of. When you meet with this specialist, he tells you that his service not only consists of counting the people who attend your stand but also notes other information such

But you need more than normal

Chachi! You tell him with contained euphoria. A world of possibilities begins to open before your eyes… until you realize Database USA that your boss told you that it was very important to know how the assistants behave according to the color of their underwear and that, in addition, you need to know if they have eaten before of the visit or they have not eaten. You discuss it with the professional and you receive a response that is a bit sweet and sour chicken : “Let’s see. I have no way of knowing if they have eaten or the color of their underwear, but if you tell me, I will write it down. I write down whatever you want.”

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