Important Https Ssl for Online Business

In this article, you will learn why https/ssl is important for online businesses. In july 2018, google announced that they would begin marking all sites without an ssl certificate as “Insecure.” this identifier tells website visitors whether their personal information is safe and secure when they are browsing sites on the internet.

When an ssl certificate is present on the site, the site url will be displayed as ‘https’ and ‘will see a green lock next to the word secure in the url window. Https indicates that the site protects user data and ensures that the user connects to the official site. In essence, google wanted a more secure web and made https the standard for all websites going forward. Now it’s important to make sure your website is safe and comfortable for your users and potential customers.

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As a small business owner. You don’t need to understand every last detail about technology and computer terminology and internet related stuff. In this article, you will learn the reasons why your website should be https and why it should be done urgently.

Simply put, the meaning of the ‘s’ in https means your website is secure. This is especially important for e-commerce businesses that generate sales and raise money online, but now it is important for every website. Why? Because in august 2018, google warned people when they visited an unsafe website.

There are still many websites that have Buy Bulk SMS Service not converted to mobile responsive websites. This is also an online marketing disaster. Both have the effect of providing poor (or zero) service to your customers or perspective customers and both have the effect of destroying your ranking in search engines making it difficult for potential customers to find who may be looking for a business like yours, especially if they don’t already know you exist.

If you’re reading this and don’t have an ssl certificate (the thing that creates https on your website), we can help you with a fast and affordable solution. Time is of the essence if you want to take advantage and get an ssl certificate for your website before your competitors find out.

Https important for online business

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Ssl certificates have been a ranking factor since 2014 but as time goes on and google works towards a more secure internet, its importance has only increased. This is a good thing for Database USA your business, as it gives you a competitive advantage against businesses that don’t have an ssl certificate on their site.

In july 2018 google started showing connection security in chrome’s address bar on all website pages, marking all http pages “not secure”. This “not secure” message is visible to visitors and again, does not inspire confidence.

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