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Professional Price Single: USD per year Website. Also: USD per year for websites. Acceleration: USD per year Website. Growth: USD per year Website. Agent: USD per year Website. #. The thriving architect is very similar to. It looks very similar, and I think they just changed the pink to green, and the pink isnt. Not only does it look very similar in terms of work area and widgets, but it also has a lot of design options such as templates, option to layout the entire website ( header, footer, file, single post ), etc.

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Before appearing, we can say that ( previously called ) is the page  new database  builder that occupies the market. What happened was that it was overtaken on the right by an improved interface and that it looked silly. It is a very easy-to-use visual editor that any user can learn in a short amount of time. Here you can see a tutorial where you can learn how to use: Architect tutorial walkthrough Key Features Drag and drop widgets. Various pre-designed templates.

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 Very powerful contact and registration forms. Create different versions of the response. There is no free version in the facility and comments repository, so I do not have that data. Advantages and disadvantages Advantages: Users without knowledge are very easy to use. Very complete  Database USA  package with conversion elements for creating a business website: forms, landing pages, squeeze pages, active pages Adaptive Responsive version without repeating elements or display hiding based on version.

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