How to Use Google Trends for SEO

When it comes to improving your SEO, some free tools are worth the effort, including Google Trends. This program will analyze a sample of web searches done for a keyword or phrase and tell you how popular it was in the last 90 days.

One thing marketers get wrong with SEO is that trends are fluid. The keyword you used even six months ago may no longer be the one to offer the best results. That’s why doing regular content audits and updates is essential.

Navigating Google Trends Interface

You don’t need a Masterclass to understand Google trends. Here are some facts that will help you define how it works:

It does not show search volume. It provides a scale from 0 to 100 that shows a search term’s relevance. Zero is no relevance, and 100 is the highest Whatsapp Number List
Trends pull data from five places to create the scale rating: web searches, image searches, Google News, Google Shopping, and YouTube. You can narrow the search down to just one of these using the dropdown menu at the top of the results page.
You can also narrow down the location, time frame, and categories using a dropdown menu. Categories refer to industries such as entertainment or beauty.
How to Use Google Trends
Simply type the keyword you are researching into the search bar and hit enter. Google Trends will show you search results in two ways.

First, you see a graph of the scale rating from 0 to 100. It is easy to see if the keyword is blowing up right now. Hover over the lines on the graph to determine the specific rating for a particular date.

If you scroll down, it will show you how the keyword faired in each state. Hover over the states to get specific information.

Scroll down further to find related topics and queries and their ratings. This gives you an idea of what keywords you might pair with your search or even replace them to get better results.

How to Use Google Trends for SEO Strategy

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For instance, a flat white drink is a popular coffee option in specialty shops. It is a blend of micro-foamed milk over a shot of espresso. If your brand sells gourmet coffee to consumers or coffee shops, this could be a blog topic that moves you to the top of the search ratings.

If you click on Flat white – Drink, it will search that term for you. Database USA The related topics sections show that Database USA the flat white recipe is up 70%. You could add that to your product page or even labels.

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