How to Use Git Version Control in Cpanel

What are git versions?
The git™ version control feature allows you to easily host git repositories in your cpanel account . You can use git to maintain any set of files (for example, website files and assets, software development projects, or simple text files). For more information, read our guide to git – how to set up the git deployment and documentation documentation.

Git on the command line

If your cpanel account includes shell access, you can also use git from the command line. You must use the command line to perform the following tasks:

Ssh configuration to clone private repository. For more information, read our guide to git – managing access to private vault documentation.
Use of multiple remote repositories. We recommend using this only for advanced git users.
You can use the cpanel terminal interface (cpanel >> home >> advanced >> terminal) to access the command line from within the cpanel interface.

The repositories table lists the following information for all git repositories that your account’s cpanel manages:

Repository – the display name of the repository.
Repository path – repository directory.
You can also do the following:

Manage – click to update repository Bulk SMS UAE managed cpanel settings or withdraw or apply changes.
History – click to open the gitweb interface in a new browser tab. Gitweb allows you to browse through a repository and view its history and content.
Remove – click to remove cpanel repository management. A confirmation message will appear. Click delete again to remove the repository.
Create git version repository
To create a new repository, perform the following steps:

Click create in the upper right corner of the interface. A new interface will appear.
Choose whether to clone an existing repository, create a new one, or add an existing one to the list of cpanel managed repositories:
To clone an existing repository, ensure that the clone a repository toggle is enabled. Then, enter the clone url for the repository you want to clone in the clone url text box
To create a new repository or add an existing repository to the cpanel managed repository list, set the clone a repository toggle to off.
In the repository path text box, enter the path to the directory that will contain the repository.
In the repository name text box, enter the desired display name for the repository.
To quickly create another repository, select the create another check box.
Click create, or click return to repository list to return to the repository list
How to use git version control in cpanel

Verify host key ssh git version

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If you enter an ssh clone url, when you click create, the system will automatically check the remote server’s public ssh host key. The system stores this key in the file /home/user/.Ssh/known_hosts, where user represents your username.

If the remote host is not registered with Database USA the system, click save and continue to add it to the file (register it). You can click show host identification information to view the sha-256 and md5 host and fingerprint algorithms.
If the remote host is already registered, the system will create a repository.
If the remote host’s public key has changed, the system will display a warning.

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