Famous Websites Using WordPress

The following is a list of famous websites that use wordpress, so you should know.

Famous websites using wordpress
Even though it’s actually not as big as facebook or google, pete cashmore as the owner of mashable has entrusted the website to be handled by wordpress. Mashable is a blog and website that discusses technology news, internet, gadgets, business and so on. This website is actually very popular in the world. Even for visitors every month can reach 20 million per month. This figure also continues to increase over time. However, setting up mashable is also not an easy matter. Moreover, pete cashmore also talked about his struggles in establishing the website.

Famous website using wordpress

Is a famous website that uses wordpress which discusses technology and was created by michael arrington. Techcrunch was admittedly raised by michael arrington until this website became a mecca for news about technology in the world. Even so, the existence of mashable has made techcruch feel unrivaled, even though it is still liked by its loyal readers. And in order to continue to grow, michael arrington finally sold techcrunch to aol in 2010.


This website is the same as mashable and techcrunch, which provides news about technology, business and culture. This well-known website that uses wordpress is owned by Bulk SMS Oman a group or organization called tnw academy, which is an online course forum intended for the public. Thenextweb website has many branches, for example the tnw conference, which contains information about the conferences they usually hold around the world. The tnw conference is also included in the prestigious conference event section. Besides that, there is another branch which is known as tnw magazine, which is used for digital magazines. Tnw market is used as a forum for startups, event organizers and also online professionals who aim to showcase their products through tnw.

The next well-known website that uses wordpress is gigaom, a technology blog created by om malik under the auspices of giga omni media, inc. This blog or website publishes news about technology, analysis, startups to news about online games. Visitors to this website can reach 4 million readers from all over the world each month.

Is a well-known website that uses wordpress

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which provides information about the world Database USA of design and also learn blogging. Although not as popular as techcruch or mashable, smashing magazine is very popular among web designers and website developers. This website was founded by two people who are very enthusiastic about the world of blogs and websites. In terms of development, smashing magazine is very fast in gaining popularity.

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