Enter the Softaculous App Installer

After successfully logging into the cpanel dashboard, you can Enter the Softaculous immediately enter the softaculous app installer. From your cpanel dashboard, it’s in the software menu. Please scroll down until you find it. Please click softaculous app installer. It looks like the image below.

Cara instal open journal system

Step 3: search for open journal system in the search box
After entering the softaculous app installer main Enter the Softaculous page, you can find open journal system in the search box, which is at the top left of the screen. If you have found the open journal system, please click it. As in the image below.

Cara instal open journal system

Step 4: install the open journal system
After entering the main page of the open journal system, you can immediately click “Install now”. The version of the open journal system used in this article is version which was released in june 2020. An example is shown in the image below.

Cara instal open journal system

Step 5: filling in the fields
After clicking the “install now” button, you will be SMS Gateway Chile directed to the software setup page. You can enter your username and password in the fields provided. In the password field, there is an indicator that measures how strong the password you created is.

You can also choose which language you want to use. In this tutorial, we choose to use indonesian. If everything feels complete, please click “Install”.

Open journal system

Wait a few moments, until the installation is complete. Here is an example if the installation was successful.

Role in the open journal system

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In the open journal system, there is a division of roles or users. The following are the roles in the open journal system:

1. Site administrator
The first role is the site administrator. The site administrator is responsible for all e-journal installations, ensuring server settings work properly, and making new installations to e-journal. The site administrator account was created during the first e-journal installation.

2. Journal manager
The second role is the journal manager. The journal manager is responsible for setting up the journal website, configuring system options, and managing user accounts. In addition, another role of a journal manager is to register editors, section editors, copyeditors, layout editors, proofreaders, authors, and reviewers.

3. Author
The author or author is the person who sends Database USA the manuscript to the journal directly via the journal’s website. Authors are required to upload submission files and provide metadata for indexing purposes.

They can upload multiple files, in the form of data sets, research instruments, or source texts which will enrich the journal content. Journals can also increase the chances of getting a scholarship to be bigger.

Authors can also track the progress of submissions through the review and editorial processes. As well as participating in the copyediting and proofreading of submissions accepted for publication.

4. Editor
The editor is responsible for overseeing the entire process of reviewing, editing and publishing. An editor works with the journal manager, generally to establish policies and procedures for the journal.

In the editorial process, the editor delegates the section editor to review through submission review and submission editing. He oversees the progress and submissions and provides assistance regardless of difficulties. After the review is complete, the editor will see the submission through the editing process.

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