Duplicate WordPress Posts With One Click

This article will talk about duplicating wordpress posts with one click. There are many reasons why you might need to know how to duplicate wordpress page content and features . You may have worked hard to get a page or post on your site just right, and now want a shortcut to create the same page.

If you need to duplicate pages to save

Time or to test how your site works, you have several options. While you can scroll through a page, copying parts of it to a new draft page, it won’t copy everything exactly how you need it. You can copy the code into a new page, and we’ll show you how to do it, though there’s an easier way. The plugin duplicates everything including metadata, post settings, seo optimization, images and much more, making creating clones very simple.

Applying these methods will get you Bulk SMS China quickly to the hard part of creating a post, without the hassle of getting to the right page. It also ensures that things work as they should, let’s review the options.

Duplicate wordpress posts with one click

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How to duplicate wordpress posts with plugins
As with many things you want to achieve with your wordpress site, there are plugins available to solve your problem. In this case, there are several options. Let’s take a look at the best plugins on offer.

Duplicate post
The duplicate post plugin is hugely popular with over 3 million installations, and the feedback is almost universally positive. Let’s see how it works. Once you have installed and activated the plugin as you normally would, go to “posts” then “all posts” and you will see more options under the title of each post. You should see “clone” and “draft” next to your standard edit options.

Simply clicking “clone” will give you a duplicate of that post. If you click “draft”, you will be taken to the new draft version in the post editor. There you can make changes to create a new version of the page. This plugin works for posts and pages within wordpress. You can also use it with custom posts if you enable it in settings.

If you go into settings and then click on

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You can configure the plugin. Here you can choose what you need to copy when creating the clone, as well as choose what to add to the title to indicate it’s a duplicate.

The default settings are probably good enough for Database USA most sites. It will copy the title, excerpt, content, featured image, format, template, and menu order as standard. Other options include author, attachment, status, and date, among others.

Besides what to copy, there is a tab for permissions. Here you can control who is allowed to create clone pages; default is administrator and editor. You can also enable or disable post types.

The last tab is called “view”. This lets you choose where to display the link when you create the clone. When you are satisfied with the changes you made to the settings, don’t forget to click on the save button. The other plugins we’ll look at work in a similar way, with their configuration options found in the settings menu.

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