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Portfolio: After that, the ideal path is to analyze the portfolio of works carried out Contact. Get in touch for a quote or information, get to know the Social Media team and understand deadlines and ways of delivering content. Communication: When talking to the agency, be sure to say everything you would like and imagine for your social networks, but also be open to suggestions! Some examples of Social Media. At ninho Digital we have a team of editors and designers. Focused on Social Media, specialists in what they do. Our works illustrate the topics we brought about visual identity and content quality ! Digital Nest. Ninho Digital ‘s Instagram underwent a recent overhaul, in which we plan to intersperse relevant content with photos of our birds. Check the result by clicking here. Makes Beauty Makess Beauty has been our client since 2022, and is a company founded in 2016.

In the state of São Paulo

It was born with the aim of bringing people the very latest in skin care cosmetics, or as they are known: the dermo cosmetics. Check out the Makess Bulk SMS Oman Beauty Social Networks Instagram and Facebook . Sigma Telecom Sigma has been our client since 2022, and operates in the technology sector. In the beginning, they only sold Siemens products and services, but currently they. Also, it can and should be updated when elements change. With that in mind, here are some basic information your brand book should contain: Visual identity In this field, you must inform the guidelines of what will be seen by the public. As: Logo and its application Colors typography and icons Graphics and infographics page layouts Social media post templates photographic style Filters Usage examples Voice tone The tone of voice refers to the language that will be used both in social networks.


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It should be chosen according to your brand persona . The manual must contain. Examples of phrases and greetings Examples of Database USA profile behavior and conflict resolution Institutional. In the Institutional part, the brand book should provide guidance on who the brand is so that professionals. Do not think about strategies or publications that do not conform to expectations. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about. Description and history Mission, vision, values ​​and purpose of the brand philosophy and culture Team currently. Working Read also learn how to choose an editorial line. For your brand portfolio. In the Portfolio category, the brand manual must show the products and services offered by the company. Market The item market is very important for marketing and sales professionals. It must report: business profile public Personas Competitors and partners Differential Finally, in terms of differential, the brand book needs to point out.

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