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I’ll show you what this connection is here in this content! What is tone of voice? If I ask you to tell me about the people in your life, you’ll probably remember a very important trait about them: the way they talk ! In addition to identifying people by the way they speak, we can get an idea of ​​who they are by the topics they talk about , right? The topics that interest them, and the way they talk about them, make it obvious that certain people belong to certain groups . Even if they never meet each other, there are other people similar to them (in mannerisms and interests) all over the world.

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A company’s tone of voice, then, is a set of words and styles in the communication repertoire us to reach groups within the public, creating special data vocabularies capable of: Validate authority; Stand out from competitors ; And attract people with similar personalities. Content Marketing: the secrets to attracting, engaging and transforming your Audience into Customers A company is made up of different people, but it nes to give the impression that it is a single organism — its own, courageous and honest.

But if we break the tone of voice into 4 parts

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Taking advantage of what makes it original. It’s a lot of work, and that’s why tone of voice guides exist in large companies. But if we break the tone of voice into 4 parts, they would be the ones I will present below: Elements that make up a brand Data Baseusa one of voice It’s easier to view tone of voice as one piece of communication on top of another. Together, they form the personality of a business . Personality doesn’t just stop at the content: the brand itself takes on postures and behaviors that better match the assum identity.

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