Creating BIM objects requires

Creating BIM objects requires. Having receiv my first project in my hands , I realiz that a group on VKontakte is not just a community of people of similar interests who exchange reviews and opinions , as I thought before. It is not enough for a group to just be ; it nes to be look after and kept active. And for what? It would seem that SMM is ordinary advertising. Why complicate things? Upload photos of your product or service , write that we have the best , and at a discount too. Those who are interest will go to the group themselves.

Architect and engineer data needs

Everything is not as simple as it seems. The group must be live , interesting , so that you want to photo editing servies join it , read the news , comment , ask questions and buy what is advertis in it. We have the best. Order on the website.” is the message. This doesn’t work on social networks. People want communication! The group’s job is to give it to them. Useful and interesting news , fresh photos , answers to comments and questions , competitions and discounts that’s what subscribers want. But turning all this into reality and doing everything right was also not easy.

Understand the standards

It’s not worth doing for the sake of doing it. How do you promote? How Data Base USA much does it cost? I myself can sit on VKontakte and post pictures. Anyone can post pictures. Why and for whom will you post them? For what purpose and what problems will you solve with this? Every action must have a purpose. Otherwise, it will not bring any results , and if it does , you will not understand it. Having understood the goal , we will be able to determine objectives and promotion tools. So , publishing pictures and photographs is not a goal.

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