Consumer journey discover the 5 steps in digital marketing

Consumer journey discover in digital marketing. The consumer journey in Digital Marketing shows us how individuals complete the path of contact with the media. It is divided into 5 steps. The so-called “ 5 As ”, and does not necessarily consumer-journey occur in a linear fashion. Understanding the journey of the digital consumer is essential for brands to know how to plan. Media attract new customers and above all retain existing customers. So that these become a kind of brand ambassadors. Philip Kotler  also called the father of marketing presented this new definition of the consumer. Journey in the book ‘ Digital Marketing 4.0 : From Traditional to Digital’, from 2017. The previous model was based on just ‘4 As’. However, the author points out that the digital age has caused a change in the path taken by customers. Both to make a purchase in the virtual environment, and to buy the brand idea.

The 5 Stages of the Customer Journey

Each phase translates the consumer’s position in relation to the brand and, therefore consumer-journey requires a different action plan at each moment. Check Italy Phone Numbers List out assimilation It is when the individual does not know the brand. He needs to assimilate that it exists or that that product/service is important to him. Here it is worth using most of the investment in traditional media, which create brand value and experiences, such as: points of sale, gifts, advertisements on television, radio and magazines, among others. Read also: Digital Marketing: the key to the success of your brand Attraction It is when the individual needs to have the first contact with the product/service to learn more. At this stage, he has already recognized that it is important to him and can already be attracted to social media. argumentation It is when the individual seeks to judge the product/service.


Application of the 5 As in Digital Marketing

If his investment will be valid. That is, he has already noticed the brand and had consumer-journey contact with the content available on websites and blogs. An example Database USA is the search for the opinions of other customers on the Internet. At this point, similar investments in traditional and digital media are needed. Action This is the phase in which the individual decides to purchase and/or learn more about a particular product or service and takes action. Like registering to download an e-book, for example, or even actually buying something. At that moment, the brand’s attention should be focused on customer satisfaction, as any problem could lead to the spread of dissatisfaction through networks and digital channels. No effort should be spared to customize customer service and technical support where possible. At this stage, investment should be mostly returning to digital media.

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