A tone of voice must be us that is consistent

It is important for the candidate experience and for environment and the benefits grant to employees are adequately communicat , so as to become magnets for the talents who would like to be includ in the company workforce. Where and how to apply Employer Branding to help Recruiting To help HR managers in the complex search for professional figures suit to company nes, an Employer Branding strategy must be creat that acts on:

Company website – “Work with us” section

Corporate socials Job posting platforms Selection and interview process New hire onboarding phase employer asia email list  branding recruiting Company website – “Work with us” section A carefully detail “Work with us” section on the company website or even a well-develop career site is the basis on which to build an excellent candidate experience. This type of web page must contain informative content that shows the real benefits offer by the employer. Through texts, images and videos, it is necessary to communicate the values, the mission, the career possibilities and the employee experience to potential candidates.

with the company style and the type of

content must be chosen bas on the objectives and the target you want to conquer. Corporate socials Social mia are also excellent tools for building relationships with potential candidates and also for posting job offers . The most suitable platform for these purposes is LinkIn, but other social networks can also be us for Employer Branding activities.  Database USA It should be remember that the majority of people collect information about the company online and, in particular, on social mia before applying for a job offer. Job posting platforms The production of quality content for Employer Branding and Recruiting must not focus solely on those that are publish on the communication channels manag directly by the company, but must also extend to those that are insert on external sites dicat to job offers . 

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