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Therefore, it’s a good idea to start by choosing what type of personality your brand nes to show to attract and convert the ideal type of customer. Whether it’s an energetic, trustworthy, fun or friendly personality (among dozens of other possibilities), having a personality and sticking to it through all communication channels makes a company become someone rather than something . By ceasing to be a ” thing ” and becoming a ” who “, a company makes sales stop being a question of “if” and become a question of “when” — and “how much”! Tip: Brand Positioning: Digital Marketing examples.

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How to define your brand’s tone of voice? Since it is first important to know who the brand wants to talk to in order to sell more online, researching new data the target audience doesn’t go amiss. An analysis like this helps you understand consumers’ preferences, characteristics, and desires — elements that manipulate each piece of content to convert as many people as possible! After analysis, or if research is not an alternative, the next step is to create one or more personas to identify the most appropriate language and communication style for each type of potential customer.

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Process Model for defining Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Personas You should already know the basics because, here on the Orgânica blog , we talk a lot about personas . But it’s always good to ask yourself: Are we talking to more men Data Baseusa or women? Of Quality? Living where? Do they have an accent there? Regional slang? Forbidden words? Create as many personas as necessary and propose clear guidelines in some type of documentation, to be follow whenever the team communicates with these audiences.

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