Mastering Google Core Web Vitals: A Comprehensive Guide

Roughly speaking and Mastering Google with a simple example: it’s like setting up a niche for bikinis and another for scarves, when one doesn’t sell, the other does. Finally, we are going to take a look at the SERPs to see how the niches are performing there with respect to this keyword, that is, to analyze our possible competitors. Things seem to be quite good there, since only one niche appears on the first page, just enough to know that Google is making room for this type of website that we want to set up. It is a website with little authority and with content and layout that could be greatly improved, from my point of view. I could surpass him.

Things seem to be Mastering Google quite good there, since only one niche appears

In addition, there are some URLs with industry email list buying guides (informational content), which is telling us that users want to buy this product but are also looking for information about it. This gives us one more clue about what to do to position this niche. Remember that it is not about taking this same niche and setting it up, but about replicating this process with the ideas you find . This is one of the simplest methods to find profitable niches on Amazon since you will only need Amazon, Google and your favorite keyword research tool to be able to locate possible profitable products.

You don't know how quickly a project can go to shit

This ends this post about how to find Data Base USA profitable niches for both Adsense and Amazon without using too many tools or convoluted systems. However, I want to remind you of something . Dedicate time, care and love to this process. Don’t be in a hurry to start working, to see how your niche starts, to check how much money it will generate… Believe me, I understand that desire to see results, that desire to move through the SERPs…, but be patient and take safe steps. You don’t know how quickly a project can go to shit by going too fast and not paying attention to the details. What is your experience finding Adsense and Amazon niches.

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