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 Page Builder I must admit that I did not understand this until I started working on this . It is a visual web editor that you can find in the repository its free version and created by, the creator of the name plugin used to create the Online Academy, so for that reason alone it is worthy of my trust. Key Features Like many visual editors I discussed in this post, use a drag-and-drop system. In its free version, you have a widget to design and a pre-designed block to complete your design ( content, call to action, pricing tables, teams, features and recommendation )

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 Faster, which you can see from the side panel and quickly add to the work area. It also    special data  provides you with a full page layout. You can also layout responsive versions of any website. The free version of Facilities and Reviews has been installed on more than one website, with very little overall rating, totaling almost all stars. Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages: Highly recommended for novice designers. The learning curve is low. Unlimited layout options for rows and columns.

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 Disadvantages: It also has room for improvement and growth to compete with other page builders. The free version is quite limited. It lacks integration( with other tools e.g.: contact forms do not integrate) with email marketing tools. Although it has an unlimited website, it is rather expensive  Database USA  and should be. He has no life plan. PROFESSIONAL PRICE PERSONAL: USD YEAR WEBSITE. Freelancers: Dollar Year Website. Agents: Dollars Year Unlimited Website #.

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