Who is a Source of Holiday Inspiration

Alyssa ramos is a florida native american. He is the gopro selfie ninja master! Seriously, she even published ’10 tips for getting travel photos without people in them’. He is fine! Alyssa is also part of the gopro family and writes for the huffington post, matador network and other media publications. You can find her on snapchat because she’s always sharing quick travel tips for packing.

Travel blogger who is a source of holiday inspiration

Travel blogger go first
Go dulu is a well-known travel blogger couple from different countries, susan natalia from indonesia and adam poskitt, a man of australian nationality. Both of them have a travel blog with the name godulu.Com .

Travel blogger marischka prudence

Another cool female travel blogger to follow is marischka prudence. He is a well-known private television journalist in indonesia. He has been pursuing the profession as a travel blogger since 2012 and shares travel stories and beautiful photos through his instagram account @marischkaprue. Marischka also diligently talks about her adventures and shares traveling tips on her blog entitled ” life is an absurd journey “.

Trinity the naked traveler
When talking about pioneers or legends SMS Gateway Hungary in the world of travel blogging, it’s definitely the name trinity. Trinity started her first travel blog in 2005 which contains stories about her travels. Having a light and funny style of speaking, trinity has many fans. He also has the characteristics of traveling, namely always visiting places that are rarely known by people and secluded with nature that is still beautiful, beautiful, and quiet. You can follow trinity’s journey exploring the earth on her instagram @trinitytraveler.

Kenny santana insta postcard
Next is an indonesian travel blogger who deserves to be your idol, is kartupost (@kartuposinsta) aka kenny santana. What’s interesting about kenny is that in terms of content, kenny always looks for instagramable photo objects in the places he visits, edits them, then he posts the photo on social media with an interesting caption . Not only pleasing to the eye when viewing kenny’s instagram content. In fact, you can also join the trip package offered by kenny. Besides offering regular tour packages, kenny also offers tour packages while watching concerts of idol artists.

Travel blogger travel break

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Keirsten is a native californian and she quit her finance job to travel the world. He has been traveling for 5 years around the world. This girl has amazing girl power! He Database USA works with top brands and sponsors from around the world. Keirsten is also a good writer, content creator and very talented in photography. He is also part of the gopro family and has been featured on the huffington post, forbes, matador network and many others!

Alexander thian
One of the travel bloggers who must be followed is alexander thian or well-known online name @amrazing. With a straightforward speaking style but full of slang and stories full of exciting adventures are his trademark. Apart from that, alex is more focused on writing down the struggles and ups and downs of reaching the intended location. Therefore, if you are looking for references to tourist destinations by writing with these criteria, immediately follow the account.

Well, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and follow their instagram account and blog as a source of inspiration for your adventure. So, where are you going on your next trip ?

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